Concussion knowledge and attitudes amongst UK competitive cyclists

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Concussion in sport is of increasing concern and research interest. Much of this
work has been around how to better manage the injury, implement effective
policy and how sports can adapt to this problem. Research is primarily concerned with contact sports such as Rugby, with sports like cycling being under-
researched and not well understood. This research is concerned with understanding concussion in road cycling, and how the governing bodies can
work towards the better management of the injury. This study surveyed 118 UK
competitive cyclists to assess the levels of knowledge and attitudes held by these
athletes. The levels of knowledge were comparatively good when examining
against other sports and the public. However, issues were found in attitudes held
by these athletes. Participants were seen to favour performance over health, and
a willingness to compete whilst injured. This work discusses some of the
motivating processes behind this, seeking to understand why these athletes seem
to engage in risky behaviours and attach such importance to sporting
performance. Further, the work highlights how sports related concussion presents
a social problem. The motivations of athletes and attitudes in sports must be better understood to effectively deal with this issue.
Period4 Sep 2020
Event titleBritish Sociological Association Sport Study Group
Event typeConference