Summary of the talk:
The UK has seen a growing number of ongoing student-led movements calling for institutions and the curriculum to be decolonised. For example, The University of Central London students started a campaign ‘Why is My Curriculum White’ which questioned the whiteness of taught content and lack of inclusivity in the heart of the former Empire (Sultana 2019). Despite the calls to decolonise the curriculum the sector has been slow to respond coupled with, debates around practitioners’ interest or lack of engagement in the decolonising agenda. Undertaking decolonial curriculum praxis “questions the epistemology and politics of knowledge maintained in academic contexts, as well as the praxis of disseminating and teaching such knowledge” (Kaneva et al 2020, p.2). In this session I will talk about my work as an Academic Developer and my ongoing PhD research project which aims to shed light on how decolonial praxis is methodologically, conceptually, and theoretically situated within practice and existing literature.
Period19 Jan 2022
Visiting fromKingston University (United Kingdom)
Visitor degreeMA
Degree of RecognitionNational


  • Decolonizing the UK curriculum