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ABSTRACT: The complexities of imparting ethics in multicultural educational environments, ir-respective of the subject matter, have often been overlooked in contemporary literature. This paper aims to fill this gap by offering unique insights into the challenges educators face while navigating diverse ethical standards across cultures. Drawing inspiration from the foundational work of David Tripp and grounded in both theoretical assessment and practical experiences, this research integrates five systematic methods to explore ethical issues in computing. This approach distinguishes it from conventional pedagogical analyses. A pivotal incident during a tutorial session with 26 second-year undergraduate students from the BSc Computer Science programme serves as the linchpin for this exploration. This incident, emerging after a lecture on "professional ethics and responsibilities," has been meticulously dissected to shed light on varying ethical standards and their implications on computer science education. Unlike previous studies that offer a monolithic perspective, this re-search delves deep into the multifaceted interplay between cultural norms, ethical guidelines, and computing education. The incident is not merely recounted but is juxtaposed against a rich tapestry of existing literature, enhancing its academic relevance. The study's significance lies in its timely in-tervention, emphasising the need for a nuanced understanding of ethics in a globalised and tech-nologically advanced world. As we conclude, it becomes evident that without such a multidimen-sional perspective on ethics, educators risk oversimplifying complex issues, potentially hampering students' professional and ethical growth. This research, therefore, underscores the imperative of a culturally responsive approach to teaching ethics in computer science and beyond.

Keywords: Cultural norms; Ethical dilemma; Marginalisation; Multicultural; Professional ethics.
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