Health, Education and Behaviour Change (HEBC) Research Group Wellbeing Talk Series

  • Hill, K. (Organiser)
  • Josephine Chen-Wilson (Organiser)

Activity: Organising a conference or workshopResearch


Wellbeing Talk Series 1: Loneliness as a social justice issue
Professor Manuela Barreto

Current understandings of loneliness are guided by highly individualistic and neoliberal notions that restrict our ability to address this problem. In this presentation, I will propose an alternative approach that takes into account the social context where loneliness often emerges as well as evidence for loneliness disparities. I will defend the need for a more social understanding of loneliness as a deficit of communities rather than individuals and present studies demonstrating how loneliness emerges in a social context, often due to exclusion. The presentation will end with a discussion of the implications of this shift in focus from loneliness as the result of individual deficits to loneliness as a fundamental social justice issue.

Hosts: Kimberley Hill and Josephine Chen-Wilson
Period8 Feb 2023
Event typeOther
Degree of RecognitionInternational