Interactive collaboration via google drawings

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Over the last three years, I have developed a range of active resources in the classroom from articulate cards to sorting and categorising items for discussion. Due to COVID-19 lockdown, we become bound to our home offices, kitchen tables and bedrooms and these were left gathering dust. Currently, Learning Development deliver sessions online with only special exception for programmes where content is face to face. The current climate does not allow these types of active sessions to work as they require a group to be tactile and congregate around the resource. This led me to experiment with different applications, one of which is google drawings, which allows multiple users to view and edit the document simultaneously and/or synchronously (Ward and Blanchfield, 2018). This is a neat way of allowing groups to participate in active learning collaboratively. These activities can be used in a range of ways throughout online sessions engaging in content as a starter activity, an initial or formative assessment. I will demonstrate how I instruct the task and demonstrate the different drag and drop activities I have used to compliment my sessions. The students have enjoyed participating in this type of activity and I am definitely using it more in my online sessions. Presenting at LD@3 would be a great way to gain some peer comments.

Ward, A. and Blanchfield, M. (2018) ‘Art Education Undoing “Banking” Education: Using Google Drawings to Strengthen Engagement’. doi: 10.1080/00043125.2018.1482163.
Period3 Nov 2020
Event titleLD@3
Event typeConference