Looking at 2024 with 2017 spectacles? Legal Education, AI , and Employability

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The staggering growth in the availability and use of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) such as Chat GTP, Bard and DALL-E over the past few months has caused a tsunami of discussion about the future of academia, students, employability, and the world.

Many Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) appeared to have been taken by surprise by the emergence of ChatGTP at the start of 2023, and by the engagement of students with it. The summer of 2023 saw the start of an ongoing rush to make amendments and revisions to academic frameworks and regulations. For some, GenAI is viewed as a series of existential threats: students will immediately use GenAI to write their coursework for them, the plagiarism detection will fail, degrees and diplomas will become meaningless, and the ivory tower (and with it, all semblance of a sophisticated society) will fall.

Many legal businesses of the other hand are embracing the use of GenAI as a tool to write reports, carry our research, and free the time of employees for different tasks. Other companies (which will require legal advice) are starting to use GenAI to produce advertising strategies, generate innovative building designs, and so on. The use of GenAI in the business world has become as ubiquitous as the use of the Internet.

This paper, which is part of a wider project looking at GenAI and Employability, focuses on how law schools can work to future-proof graduate employability by identifying and embracing the appropriate uses of GenAI.
Period26 Mar 2024
Event titleSLSA Annual Conference 2024
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