PGR Careers and Professional Development Event

  • Oluwaseyi Omoloso (Organiser)
  • Bisani, S. (Organiser)
  • Imane Tiahi (Organiser)

Activity: Organising a conference or workshopResearch


This event was organised by PGRs, for PGRs to discuss and develop their career management and professional development plan. From personal experiences, the organisers felt that in the day to day, PGRs do not get enough time and support to think about and action their plans for career and professional development. The event aimed to provide a space for reflection and discussions on this very subject by bringing together students, alumni, supervisors and external speakers from the industry and academia. Recognising that PGRs are in different phases of their careers, all PGRs were invited to share their experiences and knowledge with one another.

The programme brought together all members of the University faculties including Alumni, PGRs, Supervisors, and external speakers from industry and academia to participate in an integrated event relating to career management: which provided networking opportunities and laid foundation for increased supervisor- student career management discussions. Additionally, invited speakers or panellists were related either academically or industrially to the faculties (FBL, FAST and FHES), hence, presented an opportunity for cross faculty collaboration and intra-learning amongst different faculty members.
Period25 Jan 2020
Event typeWorkshop
LocationNorthampton, United Kingdom
Degree of RecognitionLocal