Proteus Unbound - In Search of the Event

  • Glyn Daly (Author)

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The central organizing myth of our time: that capitalism is a neutral structure in which things like poverty can be reduced to a technical (not a power) issue that will eventually be solved through technocratic means – see also Thomas Pikety (Capital in the 21st Century). In other words, what they continue to obfuscate is the Hegelian oppositional determination where the particular is presented as the universal; where the specific configuration of capitalist power relations serving private interests is distorted into a naturalistic horizon of reality. This myth underpins the very spectrum of today’s left-right politics. From neo-liberalism and anarcho-capitalism to ‘third way’ politics and even econ-capitalism and ‘radical democracy’ (Laclau and Mouffe, Hadt and Negri and so on) there is the same kind of idea that capitalism embodies a basic autonomy that has to be worked with – politics at most can be regulatory, but it must always be pragmatic with regard to global realities etc.
Period25 Apr 2018
Held atNottingham Trent University, United Kingdom
Degree of RecognitionNational


  • Philanthrocapitalism, Class struggle, The political, The economic, Event