Tackling bullying through quality friendships

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In this webinar we will look at the relational nature of bullying, and how it occurs within the social context of the peer network in school. Evidence shows how children's involvement in bullying (as a perpetrator, victim, or bystander) is fluid and associated with popularity, status and existing friendships. We will discuss evidence showing how children with good quality friendships are both protected from bullying, able to handle bullying more effectively, and are more likely to take an active role in defending peers who are bullied. Therefore, we will argue that schools can help to address bullying by supporting the development of children's friendships. We will introduce some recommendations to school staff including access to quality-assured materials to teach about friendships in primary classrooms.

Bullying occurs in a social context
Good quality friendships can prevent bullying
We will share some evidence-informed classroom resources to support children's friendships
Period14 Nov 2023
Held atInstitute for Lifecourse Development, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom
Degree of RecognitionNational