The Possibilities and Pitfalls of the Literal 'Post'human: Atwood's Paradice Project

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The concept of the posthuman is a fascination within contemporary
culture, with the various impacts of technological and scientific
advances giving way to questions about the type of subject that will
inherit and inhabit the consequences of these developments. This talk
will examine how Margaret Atwood utilises speculative fiction as a site
of critical engagement in her MaddAddam trilogy to interrogate the
social consequences of projected technologies through her depiction of
the Crakers. As a literal embodiment of the posthuman, the Crakers
address some of the more urgent questions posed by the intersection
between the posthuman and feminist theory, particularly the
possibilities of changing embodiment and genetic engineering.
Considering how the posthuman is constructed and imagined reveals
whether Atwood positions the Crakers as a symbol of hope for the
future of humankind, or merely as the logical conclusion of an
unquestioned corporate and commercial ethos.
Period18 Nov 2020
Event titleContemporary Women's Writing Association (CWWA) Margaret Atwood Birthday Symposium
Event typeConference
Degree of RecognitionInternational