The sober rave project: investigating the acceptability and personal experiences of alcohol-free dance events.

  • Kyle Brown (Speaker)
  • Joanne Smith (Speaker)
  • Emma Davies (Speaker)
  • Hill, K. (Speaker)
  • Matthias Johansson (Speaker)

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Our research is an innovative, European-wide collaborative investigation into the benefits of alcohol-free events, otherwise known as ‘sober raves’. Much of the existing behaviour work which focuses on preventing and regulating maladaptive alcohol misuse suggests individuals act rationally in choosing to consume alcohol. However, intentions and other cognitive mediators often fail to map onto actual behaviour and do not explain why individuals continue to carry out risky health-risk behaviours, despite being aware of the associated risks. Substance use is also often driven by the pursuit of pleasure, rather than by the avoidance of harms. For example, many young people get social pleasures from drinking alcohol, but due to limited alcohol-free socialising opportunities non-drinkers can feel stigmatised. Our research is focusing on the perceived acceptability, attitudes and perceptions of a range of alcohol-free events for young people across Europe. Following the first stage of this research project, we hope to explore how these types of events could be used as a means of reducing alcohol consumption in young people.

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Period13 Jun 2017
Event titleOxford Brookes Inaugural Alcohol Research Mixer
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