The uphill BAT-TEL for appropriate technology use

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In 2021, the idea for the BAT-TEL (Best Appropriate Technique for Technology-Enhanced Learning) Model was launched (Sneddon, 2021). The proposition was that the rapid development of technological tools being applied in L&T required the development of a repository where these tools could be assessed in relation to a range of specific uses.
When technology is used appropriately, it can have a positive impact on students’ attainment (Al-Hariri & Al-Hattami, 2017) but the reverse can also be true (Carter et al 2016). Guest (2007) argued that “good teachers are good with or without IT and … poor teachers are poor with or without IT” and the same can be argued about the technology itself.
To maintain and improve our already high standards of L&T, it is thus crucial that the standard approach becomes using appropriate technology rather than simply what is new and exciting. Belshaw (2011), for example says “new, free and shiny technologies are like catnip to educators” and Guinan (2017) that “the biggest danger when choosing technology for your classes is the novelty factor for the teacher.”
This paper demonstrates the application of the BAT-TEL model in relation to a series of articles published over the past 12 months. The technological innovations covered in these papers will be run through the model, to ascertain whether they fit the proposed standard.
The paper concludes with the launch of an interim database, to which the audience will be invited to submit their own examples of what has been effective for a particular scenario or type of task and, equally importantly, what has not worked.
This will allow both the attendees and a wider audience to reflect on what has (and has not) worked in their teaching, and to share their experiences widely.
Period23 Jun 2022
Event titleUniversity of Northampton Learning and Teaching Conference 2022
Event typeConference
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