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I am keen to do occupational psychology and artificial intelligence orientated media interviews and presentations. Here is some of what I have done in the past.


  1. Biggs, D.M. (2017) Resilience in the 999 service. Interview 30th June, BBC Radio Gloucestershire
  2. Biggs, D.M. (2017) Artificial Intelligence and the future of work. York Festival of Ideas Presentation 14th June, University of York
  3. Biggs, D.M. (2015) Could robot pets replace real pets – commentary on an Australian study that suggests they could. Interview 13th May, BBC Radio Gloucestershire
  4. Biggs, D.M. (2013) Happiness can it be measured (comments on the Happiness ONS survey) Interview 23rd October, BBC Radio Gloucestershire
  5. Biggs, D.M. (2013) Designing questions for questionnaires (comments on recent surveys and the Scottish referendum) Interview 8th April, BBC Radio Gloucestershire
  6. Biggs, D.M. (2012) Stress working for the security services. TV Interview, BBC, Points West
  7. Biggs, D.M. (2011) Happy or sad workplace. Interview 2nd June, BBC Radio Gloucestershire
  8. Biggs, D.M. (2011) The science of doodling. Interview 11th February, BBC Radio Gloucestershire
  9. Biggs, D.M. (2010) Motivation to go to work. Interview 25th February, BBC Radio Gloucestershire
  10. Biggs, D.M. (2009) Should robots rule the world? 12th May, BBC Radio Gloucestershire
  11. Biggs, D.M. (2008) Jobs and lovers: the same in the eyes of the rejected. Interview on 12th January, Severn Sound Radio
  12. Biggs, D.M. (2007) Aged workforce. TV Interview first aired on 2nd October 2007. Employer Insight, Legal TV
  13. Biggs, D.M. (2007) Flexible Working. TV Interview first aired on 27th July 2007. Employment Law Q & A, Legal TV
  14. Biggs, D.M. (2007) Stress at Work. TV Interview first aired on 11th June 2007. Employment Law Q & A, Legal TV
  15. Biggs, D.M. (2007) Applicant reactions to rejection. 8th February BBC Radio Gloucestershire, 9th February Star 107.5 FM
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Media contributions


Media contributions

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