Changemakers as digital makers: connecting and co-creating



The data is drawn from the survey responses of 63 out of 85 university students participating in both projects during the 2020-2021 academic year. TalkTech students were enrolled in universities in the United States and Romania, while DLAB students attended universities in Spain, Belgium, Norway, Denmark and England. Their ages range from 18 to 35. The overall sample is purposive in that students were selected to participate in the projects due to their interest and expertise in digital technologies and changemaking. The 23 students who did not undertake the survey chose not to do so. Ethical approval was granted by all participating university ethics committees. the students in the DLAB project were studying initial teacher education in their respective universities, the Talk Tech project involved students on a Digital entrepreneurship module. .
The two projects came together in their evaluative stages to explore how university students’ cultural competencies and changemaker identities might be facilitated by technologies across the two disciplines of education and entrepreneurship. Data is elicited from a reflective questionnaire administered at the end of a project year.

The two documents demonstrate both the raw data and the data that has been analysed through open coding to identify common features and themes. There are essentially two separate sets of data, one that discusses the technological skills developed through participation in the project that focusses upon the type and usage of technology the second data has the narrative answers relating to skills and attributes developed over the time of the study.
Date made available18 Jan 2021
Date of data production1 Sept 2019 - 1 Sept 2020

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