Cadet Forces Funding: Question for Short Debate (House of Lords)

Impact: 04: Quality Education (UN SDG), 10: Reduced Inequalities (UN SDG), 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities (UN SDG)

Description of impact

The University's research into the Social Impact of Cadet Forces was utilised as the evidentiary centre-piece in a debate in the House of Lords regarding future funding for UK Cadet Forces. Several peers quoted from and named the University's research as part of the debate as evidence for the positive impact delivered by Cadet Forces (and the Cadet Expansion Programme in Schools), and to urge future funding from government. These peers included Lord Lingfield, Lord Jones, Baroness Garden of Frognal, Lord Morrow, Lord Colgrain, Lord Tunnicliffe, and ending with a statement from Baroness Goldie (Minister of State, Ministry of Defence).

Baroness Goldie stated that "in 2016 the Ministry of Defence and CVQO commissioned the University of Northampton to carry out a four year longitudinal study, the final report from which has just been published. Thanks to this excellent research - again, I pay tribute to all those who worked on it - we now have clear evidence that being a cadet is not only fun and engaging, as many of your Lordships graphically and interestingly described, but transforms lives by improving social mobility, success in education, wellbeing and career prospects......I was delighted to learn of the positive conclusions from this fascinating report...It can be clearly seen that many of the values which we recognise in our Armed Forces can benefit so many of our young people, with skills that they can rely on well into adult life...It is why we continue to invest in sustaining the Cadet Forces in the community, whilst seeking to increase the opportunities available to pupils in schools in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the country". Baroness Goldie went on to conclude that " is particularly important that we capitalise on the University of Northampton's report, and exploit this good news story."


Young People; Cadet Forces; Ministry of Defence; CVQO; Volunteers

How have research outputs led to this impact?

The research has provided the evidence to government for the continued funding of Cadet Forces and the scaling up of the Cadet Expansion Programme in schools. The research was directly cited several times as can be seen above in this debate in the Lords.
Impact statusOngoing
Impact date22 Jul 2021
Category of impact04: Quality Education (UN SDG), 10: Reduced Inequalities (UN SDG), 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities (UN SDG)
Impact levelMature Impact