Co-Design of Government Outcomes Lab

Impact: Public policy impacts, Social impacts, Economic impacts

Description of impact

The University of Northampton's Institute for Social Innovation and Impact (ISII) was shortlisted alongside the University of Oxford to design the Government Outcomes Lab, as part of the Commissioning Outcomes Support Partnership (COSP) programme. This was based upon our extensive research into social impact measurement, social investment and public service mutuals. Our work directly informed the final design of the GO Lab, specifically:

1. Providing insights into the attitudes of local commissioners and local authorities regarding outcomes based commissioning.
2. Advised on how best the GO Lab should engage with commissioners based upon our own research and practice experience.
3. Advised the Cabinet Office as to how best to work with VCSE organisations, including social enterprises, as well as public service mutuals. This was again embedded in our research in this area.
4. Provided evidence of how to develop social impact measurement frameworks that could be used with investors and especially in Social Impact Bonds.

Our research and work to support the Cabinet Office directly led to the creation and underpinned the design of the GO Lab, now run by the University of Oxford.


Cabinet Office, University of Oxford

How have research outputs led to this impact?

Our research into social enterprise performance, social investment and public service mutuals was a key factor in us being asked to submit a proposal for the COSP, and also directly underpinned our discussions with the Cabinet Office. Our research data and published journal papers was provided to the Cabinet Office and also provided the evidence behind the design recommendations and advice that we provided to them. The establishment of the GO Lab and its design directly emerged from our research work both in evidencing the need for the GO Lab and how it should operate to successfully engage commissioners, investors and third sector organisations.
Impact statusCompleted
Impact date1 Nov 201531 Jan 2016
Category of impactPublic policy impacts, Social impacts, Economic impacts
Impact levelMature Impact