Junkbots in school

  • Wilson, Andrew (Co-Investigator)
  • Scott John Turner (Principal Investigator)

Impact: 04: Quality Education (UN SDG), Social impacts

Description of impact

The use of junkbots material to support a school's programming teaching. Through a collaborate between the University and the school. A series of activities produced using junkbots materials to support home learning in a primary school during COVID-19 lockdown. The recording of a session, and number of participants and then activity during the session)


Roade Primary School, Northamptonshire.

How have research outputs led to this impact?

The materials from the junkbots were adapted to be used in online session co-facilitated between a member of the University of Northampton and a teacher in the school.
Impact statusOngoing
Impact dateMay 2020Jun 2020
Category of impact04: Quality Education (UN SDG), Social impacts
Impact levelEarly stage Impact