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Mosavar specializes in studying exosomal microRNA in haematological malignancies. Her research revolves around understanding the roles of microRNAs in cancer, with a particular focus on their potential as non-invasive prognostic biomarkers. One of her published works explores the impact of miR-202 found in exosomes isolated from plasma on the transcriptome and behaviour of recipient cells in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.

In addition to her work on chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, Mosavar is actively investigating the prognostic role of microRNAs in Multiple Myeloma. This research is conducted in collaboration with the Northwest Anglia NHS Foundation Trust at Peterborough City Hospital, enhancing the clinical applicability of her findings.

Mosavar is also engaged in collaborative research with Professor Lugan Yu, an expert in Glyco-oncology in University of Liverpool. Together, they are exploring the potential of Plasma Galectin-3 as a prognostic biomarker in Multiple Myeloma, considering its involvement in signalling pathways.

Beyond haematological malignancies, Mosavar extends her research interests to the potential of exosomes microRNAs as drug delivery vehicles in neurological diseases. This interdisciplinary approach reflects Mosavar commitment to advancing knowledge in both haematological malignancies and neurological diseases, bridging the gap between cancer research and neurology.

Overall, Mosavar's research spans various aspects of exosomal microRNAs, from their specific roles in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia to their potential as prognostic biomarkers in multiple myeloma. The collaborations with clinical institutions and experts in related fields strengthen the translational and interdisciplinary nature of her research. This work may contribute not only to advancing our understanding of haematological malignancies but also to the development of clinically relevant diagnostic and prognostic tools.



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