Early Career Research Diamond Award

Prize: Honorary award


Just as a diamond can lie buried within the ground, and needs to be shaped, polished and brought out into the light, so too does our research. Just as a diamond can have a profound effect on others, so too can our research, increasing in significance and reach long after we are gone!”

Celebrating research excellence at the University of Northampton. A special thank you to the University of Northampton research community: staff that make it happen, and the staff who supervise, develop and grow a new generation of researchers as well as the postgraduate researchers.

“Dr Michael Opoku Agyeman continues to impress with not only his outstanding research
contribution in his field but also the quality of his teaching…”. “Though he is an early career researcher, his Management, Teaching, Research and International Relation responsibilities are outstanding and continues to attract international reputation. “

This Award focused on excellence in research for researchers and/or Doctorate students with up to 5 years of post-Doctorate experience. Excellence is demonstrated through contributions to one’s field of study, an ability to provide a stimulating and challenging research environment that incorporates students and teaching, and an ability to communicate research results effectively to relevant audiences. Staff and doctoral students were invited to nominate for five award categories. 59 Nominations were received. These nominations were reviewed by a panel from the research community at the University of Northampton, that selected the top nominations for each award.
Degree of recognitionRegional

Awarded at event

Event titlePure Launch & Research Diamond Awards
LocationFranklin Gardens, Northampton, United KingdomShow on map
Period18 Feb 2019 → 18 Feb 2019