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The GEM staff network is pleased to honour Dr Eunice Lumsden, Associate Professor and Subject Leader of the department of Childhood, Youth and Families for outstanding contribution as an educator and children’s advocate. Eunice’s work and achievement have gained her national acclaim as one of some 450 in the UK who were recognised at the 2021 Women of the Year Award for making a positive difference in the world. Her book on child protection was shortlisted as the best professional book of the year in 2018, and Eunice was awarded a Teaching Fellowship for her work transitioning students into Higher Education. She has also received awards for her ‘Changemaking’ work and research in the early years and infant mental health. With over 20 years in education at the University of Northampton, Eunice has achieved the enviable balance of academic contribution alongside active engagement with policymakers and professional groups thereby contributing to positive impacts on policy and practice. But tonight, based on the testimonials of her Black and Brown students, those who lives she has shaped and tutored, and who have taken their place in the teaching profession, we salute Eunice for her commitment to social justice and indefatigable fight against racial and social inequality. It is the individual voice of a Black early childhood teacher in Northamptonshire who was heard ascribing gratitude and unsolicited praise to Eunice for changing her life that captures Eunice’s contribution education. To quote this former student, … When I came to the University of Northampton to do a degree in social care, she took my hand and asked me, would you consider doing teaching education? She helped me to get the required support to qualify for the teaching degree. I never looked back, and I have no regrets, it’s that Eunice Lumsden that did it, she changed my life… What a statement of the contribution to education of our Picasso Jasper awardee Eunice Lumsden! The GEM network salutes Eunice Lumsden, Educator and Children’s Advocate par excellence.

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Period20 Oct 2021 → 20 Oct 2021