Agreement of Cooperation and Educational Services

  • Al-Sherbaz, Ali (PI)

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The University of Northampton "First Party" is an accredited specialized scientific university working in the field of university education, graduate studies and scientific research and has the capabilities and abilities to provide help and support to researchers contracted with the Knowledge Experts "Second Party", and the Second Party is a consulting company working in the field of educational services for researchers at the stage of masters and doctorates, which wishes to implement its program “Program of the Supporting Researcher”. The content of such program is that the First Party to provide the researcher contracted with the Second Party a card and an office when necessary alongside other researchers, in addition to a supervisor of the faculty members, while enabling the researcher to view the scientific theses, newsletters and scientific journals and others, in order to elevate their scientific level. Accordingly, the parties agreed upon executing this Agreement, after each of them acknowledged their valid capacity in terms of articles that have agreed on the following provisions:
Short titleProgram of the Supporting Vising Researcher
Effective start/end date25/11/2024/11/22


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