Classic Cuisine of Northampton Limited

  • Khandan, Rasoul (PI)
  • Sanmugam , Jeeva (PI)

Project Details


Innovative food manufacturing company producing quality hand finished ready meals and desserts. Supplier to major pub groups, high street branded restaurants, retail, wholesale and travel companies. The company has in the last five years developed a range of gluten free and plant based foods, this sector is delivering the biggest growth.

This project is to review company’s current factory processes, to enable the business to operate at its maximum efficiency, implement a programme of lean manufacturing. This will help the company be competitive against a difficult and competitive market. Greater efficiency will support growth plan to penetrate selected retail sector with the new range of gluten free and plant based products.

In order to achieve this goal, the following steps has been identified and need to be undertaken:

- Model the manufacturing process in Classic Cuisine - Simulating the manufacturing process in order to evaluate and identify the possible bottleneck in the process and eliminate them to increase efficiency. - Improving the process by considering the lean manufacturing methods.
Effective start/end date31/05/1931/07/19

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