Dermatology Clinical System (Tele-dermatology)

  • Al-Sherbaz, Ali (PI)

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Dermatology Clinical System (Teledermatology) Teledermatology, referred herein as Dermatology Clinical System denotes the process by which the images of the skin or the skin appendages such as nails and hair of patients combined with the relevant clinical information are referred to clinicians for advice. Aging population combined with increasing population, dwindling financial and human resources, improving technology (driving increasing expectations by patients) among other factors are putting pressure on the National Health Services; hence, the need for innovative ways of delivering healthcare services. Dermatology services in the United Kingdom are under severe pressure and the picture is not different in Northamptonshire and surrounding counties. We are now looking at various ways of delivering the services. For example, we have upscale the skills of various allied healthcare workers by instituting Nurse-led clinics and Community dermatology clinics being delivered by GPs with special interest (GPwSIs) among other measure to cope with the increasing demand. Teledermatology has been successfully used to complement the existing dermatological services around the country to reduce waiting list and improve efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in the last decade. Dermatologists and Quality Improvement team at the Northampton General Hospital (NGH) led by Dr Kazeem Salako, Consultant Dermatologist are working with the Computer scientists at the University of Northampton (UoN) led by Associate Professor, Dr Ali Al-Sherbaz, colleagues at NGH IT department and GP colleagues to develop an online platform for dermatology referral. It will be secure, safe, and fully compliant with data protection policies in all the institution involved and meet the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) standard published in July 2017. The model will initially be ‘store and forward’ digital images and will gradually move towards real-time consultation conducted through electronic means such as teleconferencing, skype etc. in future. There is no doubt, telemedicine of which teledermatology is at the fore front is the future and let us all be part of it. The proposed Teledermatology will complement the existing services, enhance collaboration between primary and secondary healthcare delivery and improve access to expert opinion in timelier manner. It will also enhance and ensure strong collaboration between the UoN and NGH scientific communities.
Effective start/end date15/01/1816/07/18


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