Evaluating the social impact of the Prospects resilience programme

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The aim of the research is to provide a comprehensive evaluation framework capable of both assessing the social impact of the Prospects resilience programme and adding value to the business model by increasing knowledge/understanding of what works and why. Building on the University of Northampton’s ‘Social Impact Matrix©’ approach, this evaluation will encompass the short- and long-term impact of the programme on children and young people - in relation to their resilience and wellbeing – and mentors – in relation to the impact of the training they receive and their work with children and young people. In doing so the evaluation will address the project’s effectiveness in relation to the following research aims:

1. Determine how the Prospects resilience programme is most effective, with which children and young people, staff and locations.

2. Identify the key elements that contribute to successful engagement with, and retention of, children and young people on the Prospects resilience programme.

3. Determine if current mentor resilience training provides all mentors with effective skills and practice.

4. Review the literature on resilience and evaluate the Boost app in light of the findings.
Effective start/end date8/01/1931/03/20


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