Evaluation of the Pilot Community Shares Initiative for Northern Ireland

Project Details


The Building Change Trust commissioned PACEC to conduct an evaluation of the Pilot Community Shares Initiative for Northern Ireland, which commenced at the end of March 2013. The aim of the initiative is to stimulate interest in Northern Ireland in community share issues as a means of gaining investment for community purposes, and specifically to support the development of up to 5 community benefit societies in Northern Ireland that develop and make share offers. The project evaluation was carried out over a 2 year period, incorporating: the extent to which the outputs, outcomes and processes specified in the contract have been delivered by the contractor; the suitability of the structures established for oversight, development and delivery of the initiative; the quality of the work of the contractor; key learning points from the delivery of the initiative; and development of recommendations on an interim (Year 1) and final (Year 2) basis considering if and how community shares and community benefit societies can be further developed in Northern Ireland.
Effective start/end date1/02/161/08/16


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