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The research aims to investigate the social impact of Goodwill Solutions. The research will utilise a mixed-methods approach that will include quantitative and qualitative data, although the focus will be primarily on quantitative data. All of the data collection and collation will be completed by Goodwill Solutions with the data then passed to the ISII for analysis and the creation of a social impact report. Data collection processes will also be put in place to capture data so as to produce the three additional annual SI Reports for GS, and ISII will support the GS staff to put these mechanisms in place. These data collections methods will be refined year-on-year where appropriate, so as to ensure that GS is always capturing relevant data to its programmes.

The research project proposed in this document would aim to assess the social impact of Goodwill Solutions in respect to the below specific research questions:

1.What is the ongoing social impact of Goodwill Solutions (i.e. the period April 2019-March 2022)? Specifically, in relation to:

a. Outputs.
b. Outcomes.
c. Impacts.

2. What is the monetary value of this impact across the business?
Effective start/end date1/07/1930/07/22


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