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Jon Egging Trust’s (JET) Youth programmes aim to help young people who face barriers to education due to their difficult circumstances. JET Youth programmes, Blue Skies and Inspirational Outreach, support young people to overcome their adversities and reach their full potential.

Our research project aims to provide a comprehensive evaluation framework to better understand JET Youth Programme’s social impact and to add value to the programme by increasing knowledge on what works in supporting young people, what can be improved and what JET can look to achieve in the upcoming years.

The evaluation addresses the project’s effectiveness with the following research aims:
1. Identifying the impact that the JET Youth programmes have on young people.
2. Determining how the JET Youth programmes can be improved.
3. Identifying innovative ways to voice young people’s experiences with the JET Youth
4. Determining if and how stakeholders contribute to the JET Youth programmes and
what benefits the programmes have on them.
Effective start/end date25/06/201/01/22


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