Measuring and reporting the social impact and return on investment of the Military Preparation College

Project Details


1.Develop and deploy a methodology which will robustly and cost-effectively measure the social impact of the MPC programme, enabling the returns on investment to be calculated;

2.Develop the understanding of the MPCT staff involved in the delivery of the MPC to enable them to gather significant amounts of viable data as part of the project;

3.Gather data from MPCT staff and students on the MPC, their parents/guardians, and employers;

4.Analyse data and report on the results to enable both any corrective action to be taken, and enable MPCT to promote its effectiveness further;

5.To produce evidence of effectiveness that MPCT could chose to present to a future Ofsted inspection, under the new Ofsted framework.
Effective start/end date1/05/191/08/20


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