Miswa Chemicals Ltd

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Manufacturers (such as Miswa) of non-commercial automotive screen wash are facing fresh challenges with the introduction of new legislation (to be enforced by the end of 2020) that prohibits the incorporation of certain solvents in their screen wash formulations. The solvents were traditionally used to aid the cleaning ability of the screen wash, but more importantly were present to lower the freezing point of the resultant product thus preventing freezing during winter driving conditions. Improvements in surfactant technologies have improved the cleaning power, but environmentally benign products to significantly lower a product’s freezing point are still a challenge that has not yet been resolved.

As the topic has not been publicly addressed before, it is necessary to spend some time to collate information from publications and comparable products from other industries that focus on similar issues. This project will deliver a review of available literature compiled into a report that will be shared with the company. It is hoped this literature review will act as the starting point of a much larger project by helping to select, and target, funding calls from specific funding bodies e.g. Innovate UK – KTP. In addition, it is hoped it will provide both parties with heightened confidence in future project deliverables and thus significantly improve the probability of applying for further funding.
Effective start/end date31/05/1931/07/19