Prevalence of environmental antimicrobial resistance determinants: SFAM

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The project objectives are to investigate antimicrobial resistance markers (AMR) in a closed loop of a beef cattle production system, including sampling of feed, soils, water, faeces and housing of cattle; sampling of tissues at the abattoir and butchers, and tracking of wastes through to an anaerobic digestion plant. Application of digestate to agricultural land will also be monitored, with subsequent analysis of soils and plant material. Samples will be taken multiple times to account for any seasonal variation. It is envisaged that some of the complexity, abundance and activity of the environmental resistome in beef cattle production will be characterised. This data will then be used to track gene transfer in vitro using the environmental samples gathered, to determine the potential this environment could pose to human/animal health.
Effective start/end date1/12/1729/02/20


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