The Experiences of Ethnic Minority Social Work Students and NQSWs in Northamptonshire

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A recent report found that Black and ethnic minority social workers faced disproportionately high rates of failure in the assessed and supported year in employment. The 2021 Skills for Care report highlighted that while there has been renewed focus on racial inequalities and broader matters of diversity and inclusion within Trusts since 2020, the impact that this has had in a more practical sense has been limited and there remain a number of challenges for ethnic minority social work staff. Skills for Care’s conclusion was that many of the challenges highlighted by the report could be eased ‘if NQSWs are able to share their feelings, in the knowledge that their employers will listen and take action to help them’.

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This research is being commissioned in response to this research in order to explore these important findings in the local context of Northamptonshire to ensure that the trust and council operate in an inclusive manner and are not creating barriers for staff. This research will provide an opportunity for NQSWs and student Social Workers to share their feelings and experiences so that adult and children’s services in Northampton are able to listen and learn how to improve.
Effective start/end date1/01/2330/09/23


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