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The project involves researching and developing an innovative and therapeutic VR app. This will be based on current medical-based therapies and VR therapy.

I’ve worked in Northampton all my life as a Nurse, and as my background is entirely healthcare based, I am reaching out to the UoN to collaborate on this new technology. As I trained at the UoN it would be great to return and work with such high quality staff and facilities. We will be able to create the next level of therapeutic VR which is truly immersive and multi-sensory.

There are many areas of expertise within the UoN which would really help VR therapies develop this, especially game design and coding. Through collaboration I want us to refine a VR therapy based on an underwater scene and swimming with dolphins. This would allow the therapeutic experience of swimming with dolphins accessible to everyone. By creating the initial proof of concept, I will be able to bring this to those who would benefit most.

My main barrier is funding for developing this – I already have raised £130k to cover premises and equipment at the centre, but this doesn’t include the development of the therapeutic content. By combining it with hydrotherapy it will become a truly multi-sensory and immersive experience. I am passionate that VR therapies will be successful, but with the support of your teams, it could be available to the community much sooner. I would like a team of experts from technology to create this through collaboration – not just hire a VR firm to make content.
Effective start/end date31/05/1931/07/19

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