Early Identification and Intervention of Suicide Risk in Chinese Young Adults

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This book presents a concise introduction to the contemporary research and practice of suicide prevention, and it addresses the cognitive and neurological aspects of suicide. With the inclusion of extensive thought-provoking material, this book is of great value to clinicians, researchers, educators, students, and anyone who are broadly interested in suicide assessments and interventions. The authors' overview of different theories of suicide is also particularly useful for anyone aiming to understand and appropriately respond to the suicidal behavior of individuals, in particular, young adults and students. The erudite authors' analysis of the research topics within suicide makes this book valuable to educators, students, and researchers who care about prevention and protection from suicide. As the book addresses common issues in treating individuals at risk of suicide, this represents an essential resource for anyone working with this high-risk population. Since this substantive and authoritative book shows for the first time how innovative tools such as neuroimaging tools and mobile apps can be used in suicide intervention, this book is a useful resource for all those interested in keeping up-to-date with recent research and practice in suicide.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages167
ISBN (Electronic)978-981-16-7641-3
ISBN (Print)978-981-16-7640-6
Publication statusPublished - 30 Nov 2021


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