Getting Ahead as an International Student

Dave Burnapp

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"This book provides international students, planning to study at a university in an English speaking country, with knowledge about what they will have to do at university, why they will have to do this and how. The author helpfully bases each chapter on a theme and highlights related theories, learning points and tasks ... Individual assignments are covered but an important part of the book is group tasks such as discussions; consequently making it ideal for use in a group context.
The practical advice and guidelines throughout will provide international students with a great head start for university education."
Christine Boomsma, Student, University of Plymouth, UK

"This excellent and easily accessible guide recognises the needs and concerns international students face when starting a university course. It is well laid out in three distinct parts: the university context, the study process and producing assignments with each chapter containing tasks to develop learning in each of these areas.

International students will find this a useful book in understanding the expectations of study at an English speaking university at whatever level they choose to study and as a reference guide to refer to throughout their university education."
Balvinder Bassi, Student, University of Birmingham, UK

How can I adapt to life at an English speaking university?
How can I get good grades?
This book unravels the background and culture of English speaking universities. It explains how you will be expected to learn and study in universities in English speaking countries, and how you can develop your skills to excel as an independent learner.
While it is important to understand how to undertake academic tasks like referencing, essay-writing and presenting information, it is also useful to be aware as to why the university requires you to do them.

Each section includes the approaches, methods and applied exercises that will help you to understand and develop your skills. Reflective exercises as well as group tasks are also included to help you develop the study skills that are necessary for successful completion of a course. You are also encouraged to keep a copy of each completed task (in a portfolio) in order to demonstrate the skills you have learned to prospective employers.

Getting Ahead as an International Student is designed for international students studying at any level - foundation level, undergraduate or postgraduate - and using any mode of study including distance-learning.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherMcGraw Hill/Open University Press
Number of pages216
ISBN (Print)978-0335234530
Publication statusPublished - 16 Jun 2009


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