"Kyrie Eleison" by Denigrata

Cavan McLaughlin (Producer), Jasmine Shadrack (Performer)

Research output: Non-Textual OutputDigital or Visual Media


Kyrie Eleison is a piece of film art produced for and inspired by the track of the same name from Denigrata’s compelling debut album. The video was directed by Cavan McLaughlin for Denigrata's single release, 'Kyrie Eleison'. Dr Jasmine Shadrack, Senior Lecturer in Popular Music is the front woman and guitarist in Denigrata.

Denigrata clearly know that their styling and their music speaks very much for itself and are wisely sparing, with their self-explication. What they do say packs a punch and sets the entire tone for this collaborative audiovisual work also, so its worth repeating here: “Denigrata are an ambient, tech-fuelled black metal collective […] born from nihilism, avant-garde darkness and filth.” And so this collaboration is equally an avant-garde, dark, visual exploration of these themes, fully grounded, in filth.

The primary setting is the very peculiarly British, natural surroundings, of Delapré Abbey’s public parks. The location is really one of the players, and plays the part of Wyrd Northampton’s chthonic and earthy underbelly. The film focuses on contrast and interplay in all of its aspects. From the black and white grade, to the contrast of extreme close up (ECU) textural photography, against the barren and bleak wide shots. The interplay of long, slow, lingering shots and furiously rapid montages and jarring jump cuts. It will be non-narrative and non-linear. Abstract and unconsciously meaningful. It is an experimental piece of collaborative audiovisual art that seeks to knowingly add to the occultural reservoir.
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputFilm
Publication statusPublished - 24 May 2016


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