La facilitazione: domande e feedback

Translated title of the contribution: Facilitation: questions and feedback

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The volume summarizes the results of a European project carried out in multicultural classes of three different nations (Germany, England, Italy). The aim of the project was to experiment with innovative methods to promote active participation in the classroom and dialogue between children. In particular, through the use of the photographic medium and facilitation actions, the memories and personal narratives of the children were collected and discussed in class. The book presents many examples of episodes of facilitation and narratives of children in the classroom, video-recorded with the collaboration of facilitators, teachers and parents, and carefully transcribed. The examples are explained and commented on in the various chapters, so as to be understandable to readers. The volume thus proposes, in a widely documented way, an innovative method to be applied in school classes. The aim of the volume is to provide indications for interventions and policies in the field of education, scholastic and otherwise, based on an understanding of the quality of communication and ways to observe and evaluate it. On this basis, it also proposes a training course for teachers and educators on the effectiveness of promoting the active participation of children and dialogue, with particular reference to multicultural situations. The text is aimed at teachers and educators, school leaders, educational policy makers, scholars of classroom interaction and education, university students engaged in undergraduate, master's and master's degree courses concerning education and methods of effective communication.

The chapter discusses the role of questions and actions of feedback (active listening) in facilitative practices
Translated title of the contributionFacilitation: questions and feedback
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationRaccontare storie personali in classe. Dalla ricerca all'innovazione educativa
EditorsFederico Farini, Claudio Baraldi, Vittorio Iervese
Place of PublicationMilano
PublisherFranco Angeli
Number of pages24
ISBN (Print) 9788835108924
Publication statusPublished - 21 Jan 2021


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