Life's So Cold: Photographic Exhibition

Research output: Non-Textual OutputExhibition


This project is an extension of my PhD research expanding the activity of documentary practice and transforming the lived experiences and knowledge into a live performance with complimentary documentary screening on Monday 31st Oct 2016 at the NN Café Northampton

The aim is to rationalise the academic and personal journey to this point and to symbolically transcend from invested participant into a state of detached observation by addressing the emotional baggage attached to some of my personal experiences. In particular to confront some of the esoteric knowledge gained during the documentation of other people’s lives, an aspiration, inspired by my recent participation at the Trans-States conference.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2016

Bibliographical note

Wallace, R. (2016) Life's So Cold: Photographic Exhibition. Exhibited at: Life's So Cold NN Cafe, Northampton, 31 October 2016.


  • Photography
  • Documentary


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