Social Value effect of Food supply chains and Brexit

Liam Fassam

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    Executive Summary Food supply chains are integral to the overall performance of a nation; this report reviews education, health and connected supply chain performance and the impacts around same.
    Initial social impact findings based on researched assumptions indicate: • 1/3 of the U.K. food supply chain is staffed by European workers, contributing £4.9 Billion to HMRC. • The logistics industry comprises 200,000 drivers of whom contribute £1.2 Billion to HMRC • There is a lack of school leavers entering the food logistics sector, with no chance of current food supply chain recruitment being able to bridge the skills gap should EU workers leave their current post • An assumed 1% increase in food price has an associated Nationwide social impact of £8.9 Billion through a rise in social isolation • Increase in elderly morbidity rates of 1,008 related to a 1% food price increase (UK already suffers to the hand of transport poverty with 25% of household income being involved with car ownership) • 48-convenience retail store closures relating to food price increases with a resultant 6.9 Billion Grams extra of Co2 (based on 1% food price increase) • Increase in product recalls due to a lack of visibility relating supply chain Information connected Technology (ICT) systems equate to an assumed increase of £1.4 Million p/a • A lack of access to interconnected supply chain ICT food fraud systems could cause an increase in health-related issues, with the average food recall resulting an average of 236 persons becoming ill at a cost of £560,972 for each food poisoning case and £302,552 for each allergy issue.
    In summary, a worse case scenario from a lack of connected food supply chain ICT systems could have a NET affect cost to UK social value of £6.1 Billion (HMRC losses), £9.1 Billion (Healthcare), £7 Million (Food fraud) and 6.9 Billion grams Co2 (Carbon).
    Original languageEnglish
    Commissioning bodyDEFRA
    Number of pages14
    Publication statusPublished - 30 Jan 2019


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