Sound Thoughts, Words and Music: Artist in residence

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Sound Thoughts, Words and Music is a six hour radio documentary. Produced during an artist in residence at Resonance Extra (part of Resonance FM), a 24/7 digital broadcasting platform dedicated to global music, sound art and radio art.The theme of the documentary is about exploring whether or not sound can be considered music. A simple question starts the programme: If a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?So as to give a broad perspective of viewpoints the work of a variety of active composers, performers, writers, producers, poets and thinkers, as well as, poetry excerpts, alongside recorded interview material is presented. Given the length of time the programme runs for, it was decided to divide it into twelve sections of various lengths. One section includes within it a world premiere of the piece “Silent Counterpoint” by S. Constantinou.
Programme section timings are as follows: 6pm - Overture. 6:37pm - Exposition. 7:09pm - Second Subject. 7:43pm - Poetry, Techno & Saga. 8:16pm - Tango. 8:50pm - A Sequence of Interviews. 9:11pm- World Premiere “Silent Counterpoint”. 9:32pm - Sisters. 10:03pm - The Two Professors. 10:25pm - Telyn. 11:20pm - Recapitulations. 11:42pm - Finale (& end notes).
List of Contributors: Bokowiec, Mark (composer)Constantinou, Stace (composer and producer)Davies, Angharad (violinist, improviser and composer)Davies, Rhodri (harpist, improviser and composer)Dee, Manni (music producer and DJ)Emmerson, Simon (academic and composer)Firnberg, Virginia (composer and poet)Hendy, David (academic, writer and broadcaster)Manning, OBE Jane (soprano and writer)Marrington, Mark (academic and composer)Rosas-Cobian, Michael (composer)Stones, Alan (sound designer and composer)Thompson, Matt (radio producer and sound recordist)Wilson-Bokowiec, Julie (writer and performer).

This show was 16th in the global interview chart.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherResonance FM
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - 6 Mar 2016

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List of Contributors (information about the music plus links):

Bokowiec, Mark (composer)

Etch (voice: Julie Wilson-Bokowiec)
V’Oct(ritual) (voice: Julie Wilson-Bokowiec)
Constantinou, Stace (composer and producer)

On Sensations of Cactus, preludes 1 to 6 (pianist: Kate Ryder)
Small Stars, from From The Book Of Songs (soprano: Jane Manning)
Davies, Angharad (violinist, improviser and composer)

Circular Bowing Study
Balancing Spring On Strings 1, 2 and 3
Davies, Rhodri (harpist, improviser and composer)

trem (percussion and tape)
Dee, Manni (music producer and DJ)

Man Is Free, Man Is Freedom
Repeating Rituals
Emmerson, Simon (academic and composer)

Time Past IV (soprano: Jane Manning)
Time-Space (baroque flute: Eleanor Dawson. Harpsichord: Jane Chapman. Live Electronics: Simon Emmerson)
Firnberg, Virginia (composer and poet)

Stone Sea
Hendy, David (academic, writer and broadcaster)

Talking Drum (recorded and produced by Matt Thompson)
Vezelay Abbey (recorded and produced by Matt Thompson)
Manning, OBE Jane (soprano and writer)

“Act I” from King Harald’s Saga (composer: Judith Weir)
“Mondestrunken” from Pierrot Lunaire performed by Jane’s Minstrels (composer: Arnold Schoenberg)
“Small Stars” from From The Book Of Songs (composer: Stace Constantinou)
Time Past IV (composer: Simon Emmerson)
Marrington, Mark (academic and composer)

Not the Olympics
Rosas-Cobian, Michael (composer)

Soliliqueando (cello: Judith Mitchell)
Urbis #2 (bass clarinet: Hein Pijnenburg)
Urbis #3 (electric guitar: Tim Brady)
Urbis #4 (first run)
Stones, Alan (sound designer and composer)

FB 1
FB 2
FB 3
Thompson, Matt (radio producer and sound recordist)

Talking Drum (with Nana Kyeremateng Bafour)
Vezelay Abbey (with Iegor Reznikoff)
Wilson-Bokowiec, Julie (writer and performer)

Etch (composer: Mark Bokowiec)
V’Oct(ritual) (composer: Mark Bokowiec)


  • sound
  • music
  • radio
  • sound poetry
  • electronic music
  • electroacoustic music
  • sound art
  • techno
  • philosophy of sound as music
  • music philosophy


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