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This is a twenty-minute video essay presentation to explore how we might employ the audio video essay to represent our scholarship within education, in particular the media studies discipline. Furthermore, to examine how this emerging academic approach may be used as a new form of research output and its potential to develop more focused, engaged, teaching and learning strategies for undergraduate students at the University of Northampton and elsewhere.I will reflect upon my current research and recent production of a sixty-minute video essay as part of my PhD research project and the subsequent re-orientation of my teaching delivery to include ‘video lectures’ as part of my teaching delivery to undergraduate students. A key issue in producing the finished research project was focused on my lack of experience in producing video essay works. I overcame this problem by researching current approaches then developing a series of ‘video essay’ projects for presentation at academic conferences, which I have now delivered to a range of audiences at various events. This has led to the development of ‘guidelines’ for the production of the academic video essay for undergraduate and post graduate students.The research into academic video essay was influenced by the work of Tony Zhou Every Frame a Painting, [in]Transition Online Journal, Kevin. B. Lee the Otolith Group and Audiovisualcy on Vimeo. Kodwo Eschun has influenced my perception regarding the video essayist approach when he suggests; the essayistic is dissatisfaction, discontent with the duties of an image and the obligations of sound. It is dissatisfaction with what we expect documentary to do especially. Key References:Kevin. B. Lee, Vimeo (197, The Essay Film: Some thoughts of Discontent).
Shrum, W/Dugue, R/Brown, T. Digital Video as Research Practice: Methodology for the Millennium, Journal of Research Practice 1(1), 2005. Article M4

Utterson, Alan. Technology and Culture: The Film Reader. London: Routledge, 2005. Print
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Original languageEnglish
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 12 Sep 2018
EventNot Another Brick in the Wall: Teaching and Researching the Audio Video Essay - Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
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ConferenceNot Another Brick in the Wall
Period1/11/18 → …


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