What Is Drawing? 10 Years of Draw, Royal College of Art, Triforium Gallery, Temple Church, London (group show)

Zoe Taylor, Thomas Spooner

Research output: Non-Textual OutputExhibition


Exhibition featuring selected drawings of Draw alumni; RCA students who were involved in the Draw project led by Anne Howeson.

Press: What is DRAWing? celebrates ten years of the RCA DRAW seminar series. Curated by two DRAW alumni, Grace Holliday and Bethan Durie, the exhibition represents contemporary drawing practice in all its forms. From 4–25 July, diverse approaches to drawing will be on show at the Triforium Gallery above Temple Church, exploring the significance of drawing to the practices of 20 MA Visual Communication alumni.

‘DRAW was founded in 2008 at the RCA to celebrate crossovers between disciplines, promote drawing as a specialism and share it as an expanding practice’, explained Anne Howeson, Visual Communication Tutor and co-founder of DRAW with Catherine Anyango. ‘At a time when everyone does everything in art, drawing has not gone away. It crosses the space between the arts, following its own track – contemporary and timeless. Drawing is instinct not reason, but it helps you work things out. In our digital age people are attracted to it, but are nervous because it’s so difficult to do well. We will keep drawing.’

The cross-disciplinary work featured in What is DRAWing? includes a range of explorations through photography, printmaking, mixed-media, sculpture, installation, collage and video. The exhibition addresses themes such as memory, identity, journeys and narrative as well as material processes and attention to the senses and physicality.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2018


  • Drawing


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