Workshop: BAME Award Gap: Exploring the Factors that Impact on Low Grades of Black Students at the University of Northampton

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In recent years, considerable progress has been made to widen the participation of black students in UK higher education, in past few months alone, the Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement have shone a stark light on the racial inequalities that exist throughout all sections of UK society, including within higher education. Higher education (HE) has the potential to break intergenerational poverty by bringing about social mobility and justice. Thereby, transforming the lives of many from disadvantaged background, the wider society and particularly the Black students who may face some level of prejudice. Despite the increased number of Black students accepted onto our courses, it appears that the gap between the likelihood of White students and their Black counterpart getting a first or upper-second class degree at the University of Northampton is still significant. Substantial inequalities persist throughout their student lifecycle exposing systemic discrimination, broader political and social realities evident on the campus.
Workshop activities:
1. Presentation (20 mins)
In this section, the research team will deliver a brief 15 mins presentation on the main findings of the research and allow a 5 mins questions and answers at the end.

2. Breakout Group Activity (20 mins)
Participants will then be placed in groups to discuss the following questions for 15 mins and allow 5 mins for discussion:
• What are the challenges you face as a tutor with Black students (in terms of engagement, achievement, retention, interaction, classroom participation, intellectual capabilities, attendance, attitude, receptiveness to your teaching, background)?
• How has this impacted on your practice and curriculum design?
• In your opinion, what kind of policies or strategies could be implemented by the university to improve Black students’ attainment?
3. Padlet activity and Action Planning (20 mins)
Participants will be given a Padlet link to propose practical solutions and action plan for their specific subject groups.
a. Is there an awarding gap on my programme?
b. What do I need to do now?
c. Do you know your students’ need and learning styles?
d. Where do I start? When will it be done by?
e. What skills do I need to develop to start/finish this? How will I develop those skills?
f. What other support do I need from the institution, if any?
g. What are the success factors and how do I measure them?

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 15 Jun 2021
EventLearning and Teaching Conference 2021 - Online, Northampton
Duration: 15 Jun 202115 Jun 2021


ConferenceLearning and Teaching Conference 2021


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