Investigation of the effect of viscoelastic coating on longitudinal and torsional waves on coated pipes

  • Olugbenga Adejuwon

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The aim of the proposed project is to investigate the effect of viscoelastic coating applied on sections of the subsea pipelines such as field joint coating (FJC) (up to 4 mm thick for non-insulated, non-concrete weight coated pipes) on the coverage and accuracy of long-range ultrasonic inspection techniques. The research will explore the coverage of guided waves technique on pipes coated with a viscoelastic coating. The coverage range is currently set at a maximum of 100 m for uncoated pipes (​ (P. Fromme, 2006)​) and up to 20 m for non-viscoelastic coated pipes ​(A. Ghavamian, 2018)​).

The intrinsic reliability of the non-destructive testing technique will be critically analyzed to detect internal corrosion (minimum of 1.25 mm depth (​ (Zahari, 2014)​)) experimentally. The probability of defect detection as a function of the defect size will be charted to determine the 90% likelihood of detection with 95% confidence. Moreover, the research aims to investigate the effects of having a viscoelastic coating on the resolution and accuracy of the technique.
Date of Award2026
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Northampton
SponsorsDDPR LTD
SupervisorAbdeldjalil Bennecer (Supervisor) & Seyed Hosseini (Supervisor)

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