Supporting children’s friendships: Making friends, keeping friends, and knowing when to break friends

Activity: Academic Talks or PresentationsInvited talkResearch


The friendships children form with their peers are important for their well-being and school experience, and they have a big impact on their ongoing development. However, navigating the complexities of friendships can be tricky, and children must nurture the skills and knowledge required to form and maintain these relationships, as well as recognise when they are unhealthy.
In this session we will explore what we know about children’s peer relationships and why they are important for educational practitioners to focus on. We will look at the new statutory Relationships Education which requires schools to cover ‘caring friendships’ as part of the curriculum and consider how this topic can be effectively delivered in a school context. As part of this, we will be showcasing some materials we have developed arising from our own research. These materials are intended to be practical ‘off the shelf’ resources for educational professionals to use to deliver the curriculum about friendships (and/or provide interventions for targeted individuals or groups) in an engaging, interactive, and supportive manner. We will be inviting attendees to review the materials and provide feedback on their suitability with the children and young people they work with.
As a result of the session, we hope that attendees will feel more confident and equipped to deliver workshops and/or interventions with children and young people who need support with their peer relationships.
Period23 Mar 2021
Event titleNorthamptonshire ELSA network event
Event typeConference
Degree of RecognitionRegional