Finite Element Method / Analysis for Elevator Product Design

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The project is to develop a bespoke short CPD course for a commercial partner (tkE; thyssenkrupp Elevator). The short course / module will introduce the main principles and practice of FEM/A and their applications in systems design/ engineering of elevators. On completion of the module delegates will: - have a basic understanding of FE modelling technique and FEM/A and its use; - become aware of the assumptions and limitations associated with the use of FEM; - learn to operate a standard CAD/FEA package (e.g. SolidWorks) and run FE simulation tests; - have a fundamental knowledge of how to interpret results obtained; - gain understanding of the role played by FEA in component and system design optimisation in the context of systems engineering of elevators; - become aware of the range and capabilities of commercial FEA codes available.
Effective start/end date5/02/191/09/19


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