Trans women and gender non-conforming people’s experiences of their sexualities: An interpretative phenomenological analysis study

  • Ward, Luke (PI)
  • Pipkin, Alastair (CoI)
  • Kempinska, Claudia (CoI)

Project Details


Gender transition may impact transgender people’s experiences of their sexualities with the literature predominantly focused on trans men, whilst trans women and gender non-conforming people are underrepresented. It is important to explore the experiences of trans women and gender non-conforming people’s sexualities, given the dominance of gendered assumptions and expectations around sexualities, to ensure clinicians and healthcare providers can best support trans people during their gender transitions. The research team includes external experts in the fields of gender identity who bring clinical and therapeutic experience to the project. Their involvement will enable a broader reach of impact through connections with national gender and therapeutic services, which will extend the impact of the project into clinical and healthcare practice. The research will support ‘real world’ impact by providing training for clinicians with clear recommendations for how to support their trans patients/clients during gender transition.

Layman's description

Research has found that transitioning gender may have an impact upon one's experience of their sexuality, e.g., how people use their bodies, who they are attracted to, and what labels they use to describe themselves. However, the accounts of trans women and gender non-conforming people are missing in research. Therefore, the current project interviewed 29 trans women and gender non-conforming people about their experiences of their sexualities during their gender transition.

Key findings

- Intersectional factors were important for experience of sexuality, e.g., childhood experiences, generational understandings, geographical location, and migration status.
- Transitioning often enabled increased self-confidence, allowing for more 'presence' during sex and better communication of needs.
- Sexual roles and desires often shifted due to transitioning, with some participants doing sex differently.
Effective start/end date10/11/2231/07/23


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