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The aim of the project is to identify and test appropriate validated measures to be used with people with dementia attending lifelong learning at VUK school in Denmark.The project objectives are to:

1.Consult with the teachers and students with dementia at VUK to identify what are the important factors to measure and how best to undertake these. The inclusion of the students’ perspective will ensure the project is designed to meet their needs and that measures are not too complex for them to complete.

2.Identify the most appropriate validated measures to meet the aims of the school.

3.Develop and submit an application to the Danish Data Protection Agency and Ethics Committee Northern Denmark to secure ethical approval for the study.

4.Working with Danish colleagues and the teachers, the measures will be administered over three time points across the school year (pre, mid and post).

5.Conduct descriptive and inferential statistical analysis of the data and provide a written summary report of the findings.

6.Write an article to be submitted to a peer reviewed journal.
Effective start/end date1/08/19 → 31/03/20


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