What wellbeing initiatives do students want access to?

  • Jivraj, Karishma (PI)

Project Details


This project aims to explore the types of wellbeing support UON students want access to. Objective one: to carry out review of the internal wellbeing provisions at the university (e.g. student academic services/subject teams/SU) followed by scoping of provisions at external competitors. Objective two: to use mixed method approaches (quantitative survey and a qualitative focus group) with a diverse range of students to seek their narratives of preferences/requirements of wellbeing support. Objective three: writing up findings in a report to share with subject and academic teams/faculties and as a basis to apply for further project funding for future research that can develop student-led wellbeing initiatives.
Short titleWellbeing initiatives
Effective start/end date10/01/2229/07/22


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