From Rochester with love

Hala Georges

Research output: Non-Textual OutputArtefact


This research output, entitled ‘From Rochester with Love’, represents a body of six films (video) that attempt to reshape the viewers understanding of the Syrian war. The films (and other artworks) were presented in the Herbert Read Gallery, Rochester in February 2016 in the exhibition titled ‘From Rochester with Love’. The works were made between 2014 – 2016. The production of the work was funded by grants from the Herbert Read Gallery and the Arts Council of England. A total of £5,000 plus additional institutional support was awarded for the production of these artworks.

This body of work focuses on the research and development of six films that were exhibited as part of a solo exhibition entitled From Rochester with Love, Herbert Read Gallery, Kent, UK. The aim of the arts- based research was to present the Syrian war from a different perspective; to provoke empathy in the viewer by portraying ordinary Syrian people’s experiences of the war. The purpose of this was to counter the usual media war imagery people are accustomed too. The public exhibition told the true stories of a number of Syrian participants, through the exhibition installations of short films and illustrations. I positioned myself as both a participant, as a Syrian Woman, and an observer in the process, (I am now based in the UK), which helped to create a new understanding of the Syrian situation.

The six short films are a combination of documentary, creativity and experimental forms of moving image, which led to a multi-platform experience in the gallery. The films have also been disseminated further nationally and internationally.

The six films included in this research output are:

Skype Call with Mum (2014–2015) From Rochester with Love (2014) Faces (2014–2015)
From my Car’s Window (2014–2015) My Homeland (2014–2015)
Rhythm of Revolution (2014–2015)
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationRochester
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2016


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