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Beatrice has a BSc and MSc in Criminology from the University of Leicester which provided formal and practical knowledge on qualitative and quantitative research methods and analysis. Throughout her education she has used this knowledge for several projects. For example, her undergraduate dissertation focussed on gender-based violence that women face in the night-time economy, which involved in depth interviews of young women on their experiences of gender-based violence in their everyday lives. This research influenced and inspired Beatrice’s decision to further her educational training in the discipline of Criminology by undertaking a master’s degree. This degree resulted in Beatrice gaining even more in-depth knowledge surrounding a number of topics such as victimology, terrorism and critical issues in policing. Her master’s dissertation researched the effectiveness of Relationships and Sex Education in schools in the prevention of sexual abuse and the influence that this education can have in the potential prevention of future sex offenders.


During Beatrice’s studies, she also furthered her experience and knowledge though her professional work. Beatrice worked as a field interviewer for the Office for National Statistics, conducting governmental interviews of the wider population. In addition to this, Beatrice also worked as a freelance educational facilitator for the anti-rape charity Everyone’s Invited. As part of this work, Beatrice gave talks and conducted workshops in secondary schools to educate young people on topics such as consent and sexual wellbeing, to raise awareness of the risks that they may face growing up in today’s society. Beatrice now works at the University of Northampton as a research assistant for the Institute of Public Safety, Crime and Justice where she assists on numerous projects, which enables her to continuously develop her academic skillset.

Research Interests

Beatrice's main research intrests are:

  • Sexual Violence
  • Peer on peer sexual abuse
  • Technology assisted sexual assault
  • Gender-based violence
  • Children and young people
  • Public safety
  • Policing issues
  • Policy reform 


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